Essentials’ price decreasing

Monitor strictly to keep kitchen market stable

Published : 01 Dec 2023 10:21 PM | Updated : 02 Dec 2023 11:41 AM

Common people are heaving a sigh of relief as the prices of daily essential commodities have started to decrease with the onset of the winter season.

The prices of most essentials start decreasing in the kitchen marker across the country. The prices of rice, wheat, beef, mutton, chicken, edible oil, sugar, onions, spices, fish, potatoes and other daily essentials are showing a downward trend in the country’s kitchen market in the last few days.

Besides, the prices of most vegetables are on also declining trend in the city’s different markets as the country is witnessing a plentiful supply of early varieties of winter vegetables over the last two weeks. The vegetables, including bean, aubergine, radish, cucurbitaceous plant, yard long bean, cauliflower, cabbage, papaya, okra, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, sweet gourd and green chili are being sold at reasonable price now. In the past, people of the country were bearing brunt of skyrocketing price hike of essentials. However, there was no ground for the price hike of essential commodities.

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Prices of essential commodities had gone beyond the purchase capacity of common people. The government’s all steps to keep the daily essentials’ prices under control also went in vain.

A major sigh of relief

 among the consumers

 during this tough time

Everything was very expensive as prices of most essentials including vegetables increased abnormally with retail prices of almost all kinds rising from 80 per cent to 100 per cent. The unscrupulous businesses in association with unholy nexus of strong syndicate had hiked prices of essentials since last year. We appreciate the government’s steps which are now controlling the commodity price and creating a major sigh of relief among the consumers during this tough time. 

We also believe the prices of all essentials will drastically decrease after cent percent arrival of vegetables in the city’s kitchen markets. So, the government should take all out measures to keep the prices of essentials stable as the country is going to 12th Jatiya Sangsad polls slated for January 7. The commerce, agriculture and home ministry will have to remain in touch with importers, traders and consumers so that the unholy nexus of dishonest traders, hoarders and retailers will have no scope to make the kitchen market volatile again.  We think the government concerned agencies including intelligence and law enforcement will be on alert as many efforts are being made to manipulate the kitchen market again through syndication. Therefore, intelligence and law enforcement agencies will have to take adequate precautionary measures immediately to ensure that the commodity price would not go beyond the purchase capacity of the common people again.