Essential prices up ahead of Ramadan

Strong and regular market surveillance a must

Published : 05 Feb 2023 09:39 PM

It is disconcerting to note that kitchen markets, across the capital, have seen a sharp leap up in this past one week. As reported by this daily on Saturday, the prices of vegetables, sugar, chickpeas, gram flour, pulses and other essential commodities have gone up in the market during the week. The prices of groceries including rice, lentil, and oil are also hitting the pockets of consumers.

While commodity prices in other Muslim countries across the world are decreased during Ramadan, in Bangladesh it is completely the opposite. Every year before Ramadan a section of unscrupulous businessmen hike the prices of essentials with a view to taking illegal advantage of the month. As a result, middle income and lower-middle income people pass the month with untellable hardship. 

The government 

should take harsher 


against the unscrupulous traders

Although there is almost one and a half months remaining for Ramadan to begin, the prices of goods used in the month of fasting have started increasing in the country’s markets. Consumers are already feeling the wrath of market and are urging authorities concerned to monitor the market in order to control the prices of essential commodities.

We are told that stern actions will be taken against those who will be involved in hiking price of essentials. In this regard, the government has to intensify its market vigilance and the monitoring process should be equipped with adequate manpower and resources. 

The issue of price hike of essential commodities without any valid reason should be reflected in our endeavours towards protecting the right of the consumers. We hope that the government will take effective and strategic steps to stabilise the kitchen market immediately. 

We too want to be hopeful about the positive changes in the market, unlike previous years. We also hope those who want to exploit the poor people will be held to account. The government should take harsher stand against the unscrupulous traders.