Esports growth point of China’s gaming industry

Esports games have given new momentum to China's gaming industry and are becoming a fresh growth point, said a report on China's gaming industry in 2019, reports agency.

Esports games created a sales revenue of 94.7 billion yuan (13.5 billion U.S. dollars) in 2019, up 13.5 percent year on year, according to the report released Thursday by China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association.

The number of the game users have increased for five consecutive years to 440 million this year, doubling that in 2015, said the report.

The report foresees strengthened talent cultivation and an improved employment system in the esports industry with the support of relevant policies.

Emerging games such as augmented reality games and virtual reality (VR) games are burgeoning. According to the report, the actual sales revenue of China's VR games in 2019 reached 2.67 billion yuan (381 million U.S. dollars), registering a sharp growth of 49.3 percent from a year earlier.

China has 640 million game users in 2019 and the actual sales revenue of the country's gaming industry totaled nearly 231 billion yuan, said the report.