Entrepreneurship development and international trade during Covid-19

Published : 14 Jan 2022 09:27 PM

Bangladesh is a coun­try which has been remarkably prog­ressing over the last 13 years under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. In the history of socio-economic and political rule Bangladeshi people got rulers who are pro people. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman always believed that through cottage businesses, people will be able to earn extra money and find new way for engaging themselves in farm activities. During Bangabandhu’s tenure, idea, creativity and innovation lead to entrepreneurial triggering. As per his instruction BRAC started functioning as a pioneer of rural development in Bangladesh after independence. There is no alternative to change welfare-oriented mechanism in the economic scenario of Bangladesh by keeping the present activities with synergy. One thing observed from research that there is no short cut path of entrepreneurship education. To impart entrepreneurial education Dhaka School of Economics venture laudable activities. As a part of this,  we are going to start 3rd International conference on Entrepreneurship Development from the Entrepreneurship Economists Club. 

International Economics is a complex way as current affairs always decide how multilateral and bilateral decision can be achieved. Vertical and horizontal combination among import substitution industrialization and export-oriented industrialization is important. As per Pareto optimality theory let, we see at least one country can win and another country cannot worsen off. Sometime unlawful comments similar to propaganda by another country wants to defame a nation. Even during the pandemic Bangladesh Economy is going in the right direction through awareness generation, originality and innovation accompanied with execution which lead to entrepreneurial generating. Balanced growth between each and every sector of the country lead to growth of equity. Equity with growth is an essential part for which industry alliance education with employability skill, proper coaching and mentoring, DScE’s entrepreneurial economists club is working for creating new opportunities, overcoming threats, faith and self-effacement and process input for getting outcomes.

Present government has been trying to vaccinate all the people against Covid-19 which has a positive impact on the development process of the country. Top down approach and bottom up approach needs joint combination to develop the economic scenario of the country with correct and accurate and timely measures. Any project planning must be coordinated by the execution process. World Bank was projected Bangladesh’s economic growth rate 6.4 per cent for the financial year 2022-22. Actually, entrepreneurship development with international economy has an important encouraging influence on the economic growth (GDP) in Bangladesh and international economy is positively correlated with economic growth (GDP) in Bangladesh. Human development of the country is going on despite pandemic situation. Despite COVID-19 pandemic entrepreneurs are battalions; by flora positive and strong and prompt entrepreneurs to commence to some degree innovative business ideas by online or offline.

Entrepreneurial Economists club always believe that under the able leadership of our respected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the country is progressing in right direction. As such they are moving towards organizing international and national conferences, seminars, symposiums, training programmes. We are grateful to Rangsit University, Thailand and Visva Bharati, India for their nice endeavor. GNVS Institute of Management and MDI, Murshidabad, India as well as University  of Houston-Downtown, Texas, USA have been collaborative non-financial assistance for Entrepreneurial Economics programme of DScE. We are now trying to establish Entrepreneurial incubator and data center for entrepreneurs. Our respected Chairman Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad sir is trying his best to establish the entrepreneurial incubator and data center for entrepreneurs.

In Bangladesh for the first time we arranged elevator pitch in 2017. This is the second time we are going to arrange 2nd elevator pitch. This time we are also arranging business case study presentation. Besides, for the 2nd time we are arranging Bengali and English debate. We are grateful to IBA, University of Dhaka and other universities who helped us by sending teams under this pandemic situation. We are also grateful to the session chairs, paper presenters and others involved. This time we are also going to arrange Fresher’s reception in the programme. Congratulation to the  5th Batch of MECON (Entrepreneurship Economics) and 2nd Batch BECON (Entrepreneurial Economics).

In the 1st programme - East West University became first in the Bengali debate while in English debate Organizational and leadership Dept. of University of Dhaka.

In case of elevator pitch student from American International University, Bangladesh stood first. Our Masters of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics) stood first in Business plan on Agriculture.

Our Bachelor of Economics (Entrepreneurial economics), Post Graduate diploma in Enterprise Development and Master of Economics (Entrepreneurship Economics) programmes are aligned with present government's economic development, employability skill, and prepared through coaching- mentoring. This programme has the uniqueness for its origin, creativity and need of the country as we believe in transparency, 

accountability , fairness with people, place and planet.

Govt. of Bangladesh is doing a lot to accelerate entrepreneurship creation. May we request to the Honourable prime Minister of Bangladesh to declare a day as entrepreneurship development for creating awareness among the Bangladesh. Under hybrid mode those who are joining in this programme must need special regards as our club always believe in search of excellence from home and abroad and we want to congratulate them.

Hope that richer people will come forward to set up economic incubator for the students of the entrepreneurial economics of DScE and also set up data center for creating entrepreneurial 

activities which may act as open source of data. All the best wishes for the grand success of 3rd International conference. We want to thank Dr. Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad, Chairman of DScE for giving his valuable instructions and directions to organize the programme. Also, I thank my team members for their continuous support. Because we believe in team spirit, knowledge and skill for which continuous process of development is being required.

Prof. Muhammad Mahboob Ali currently works as a Professor of Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship and IT atDhaka School of Economics.