Entrepreneur in Chuadanga excels in gardening, livestock farming

Published : 28 Jul 2022 07:58 PM

Sohel Akram in Chuadanga is an educated entrepreneur in the sector of fruits’ gardening and livestock. He has been running these activities commercially on 40 bighas of land at village Loknathpur in Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district,bearing his family expanses and assisting the distressed people after selling his produced. 

Sohel Akram, son of Adv. Abul Kashem of Courtpara in Chuadanga district town started his career in 1990 with capital tk. 375 for producing fruits at the village Loknathpur in Damurhuda upazila. Now the projects have been increased there as commercial basis. Many educated unemployed youths are visiting at the farm who are motivated to involve themselves as entrepreneurs. 

Very often Sohel donated a handsome of money to poor people in different purposes according to their demand. He also presents chicken to various workers for rearing these at their homes free of cost. 

Sohel said he is an active member of different social organizations and sports divisions. Now he has been paying and contributing financial assistance to the said organizations.

It is learnt, over 20 bighas of land are cultivating fruits such as multa, coconut, orange, mewa, mango, lemon etc. A part of the profit from the sale of this fruits is donated to poor people. Rest of the profit he expends to the family members. Different types of fruits are being produced whole the year.   

According to sources, mangoes are produced all months which is named as Baro Meser Aam. There are 350 mango trees, 250 mewa trees, 200 lemon, 200 orange, 850 malta, 80 coconut and green coconut in agriculture section. If anyone goes to his garden, he takes fruit from the trees and feeds him.

It is learnt, he has 11,000 hens and cocks in the poultry farms. Over 25,000 chicken are produced from the produced eggs in a week at his hatchery. These chicken are to sell at different parts of the country at tk. 27 per piece. 

When contacted with Sohel he said 3 cows were reared by him last year and profited at tk. 1,00,000. This year he has made a plan to rear cows at the firm. In the meantime he constructed a tin shed for 10 cows. 

He again said he will buy 10 cows before 4 months of Eid Ul Fiter and Eid Ul Azha and sell these a few days back of the festivals. Profit has been estimated at tk. 30,000 per cow. 

Dr Abdullah Al Mamun, Livestock Extension Officer of Damurhuda told this correspondent of The Bangladesh Post, officials of the department visit this project, advise him for taking care of and provide different supports him. 

It may be mentioned here, about 10 staffs have been working at the farm. They are paid at 10,000 each as monthly wage. Prodip Kumar, a worker of the firm said he is satisfied to work here and maintaining his family with peace. 

According to District Agriculture Extension Department, there are 950 entrepreneurs in Chuadanga district. Of the total 310 entrepreneurs are in sadar upazila, 290 in Damurhuda upazila , 150 in Alamdanga upazila and 200 in Jibannagar upazila. 

Bivash Chandra Saha, Deputy Director of Chuadanga Agriculture Extension Department told The Bangladesh Post, Chuadanga District is an agricultural based district in the country. So educated youths are engaging themselves as entrepreneurs in the district like Mr. Sohel Akram. This department has been supporting to them both technical and non-technical for production in the sector of Agriculture.