Ensuring internet for all

Services must be made affordable

Published : 29 Sep 2023 07:14 PM

Over the past years, a wind of change has been blowing through the 64 districts of this riverine country. Not only the urban people, but also the village folks are enjoying the benefits of rapid adoption of online services.

The government has been working relentlessly to reach broadband internet in every corner of the country. Reportedly, over 37 per cent of the country's total population of adults (18 years and above) use  internet. It is worth mentioning that the number of broadband users has increased remarkably since the outbreak of Covid-19 as people had to rely heavily on internet to communicate, work, and study. In Bangladesh, broadband users more than doubled since February 2020. However, according to the new population census of the government, about 65 million people in the country do not use the internet.

The government must

 ensure affordable internet 

services to the remote areas 

of the country

Now, people in remote villages have access to internet, even a farmer or a housewife living in faraway villages now has a Facebook account which was out of the realm of our imagination only a decade ago. All these profound changes indeed are the consequence of the government’s ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative.

Earlier in 2019, providing internet services to remote Moheshkhali, the government declared the island as the country’s first digital island. It is indeed a path-breaking example of the ways in which Bangladesh is bringing 21st-century services and dreams to its citizens.

It needs no emphasizing that internet will make life easier for the rural people as it will ensure their access to necessary information. For instance, villagers will be able to expand their local business, even to the whole world. Most importantly, it will build a digital platform for students.

There is no denying that the government’s various initiatives to provide internet to every corner of the country deserve plaudits, but at the same time we must educate the remote people about misuse of internet and cyber crimes. Also, the government must ensure affordable internet services to the remote areas of the country.