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Enroute to Beirut 99

Published : 18 Feb 2020 07:55 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:30 AM

You cannot always be in the mood to eat Kachchi Biryani or an extra cheesy pizza, right? Sometimes all you need is a quick fix that's equally delicious. Well, in this case, Shawarma is the right choice for you because who wouldn't love minced grilled chicken wrapped perfectly in pita bread? And the hummus and mayo dip? YUMMYYY! (drooling as I write!)

And while Dhaka swears by its Paratha-Dim Bhaji, Panta Ilish, Morog Polao and Kala Bhuna, one can't deny the strong influences from the neighbouring countries on its palette. Chinese cuisine has for long held its own amidst the extensive range of deshi favourites, as well as Middle East food, which has its loyal fan following. And Shawarma, a distant cousin of our very own Chicken Roll, this Lebanese wrap, stuffed with generous filling of well-grilled meat, cucumber and tomatoes, and served with mayonnaise and fries is one sumptuous delicacy Dhakaites love to indulge in.

Beirut 99’s shawarma is authentically of Middle Eastern, with influences of traditional Mediterranean styles. The shawarma here can sweep your taste buds with an outburst of flavours. The generous chunks of chicken, veggies, and secret sauce make their shawarma so irresistible, that you have to eat it to believe it. 

The Classic Chicken/Beef Shawarma (BDT 190/280) consists of well-marinated chicken/beef, layered on a vertical rotisserie or spit where it’s slow-roasted for days, in its own juices and fat, until perfectly tender and extra flavorful! To serve it, the server shave a layer of shawarma off the spit and pile it up into a pita pocket, jazz it with yogurt sauce and heaps upon heaps of fresh toppings and fries.

Banani Funtastic (BDT 180) is going to blow your mind! It has a layer of crispy lettuce and chicken. The spicy yogurt and garlic sauce gives the chicken a tender texture and an alluring char. The sauce, along with crunchy lettuce, keeps the flavours bright.

Chicken Rice Bowl (BDT 150) is a delicious combination of aromatic Arabic rice, chicken strips and a mixture of spices with house special garlic yogurt dip. The mouth-watering aromatic dish smells great. The rice absorbs the juices from the chicken and is moist. It tastes great when steaming hot. Goes great with refreshing chilled Mint Lemonade (BDT 60).

Here at Beirut 99, you will be greeted with a smile and are sure to leave with one. They certainly vouch for their food. It will make you full plus happy by the end of the meal. And yes, it’s light for your pocket. Happy eating!

Place – Beirut 99, Rd No 13E, Banani 

    Dhaka 1212

Pocket Pinch – BDT 400 for two (approx)

Opening Hours – 12pm to 10pm (Sat to Thurs)     

         2pm to 10pm (Fri)