‘Enough is enough’: Britney Spears hits back on the friends

Published : 10 Feb 2023 08:43 PM

In her recent Instagram post, Britney Spears slams back on the people who are planning an intervention amid concerns for her sanity and life. She posted a picture of practicing gratitude which will move one towards a higher frequency. 

Along with her post, Britney Spears captioned that she is sick to her stomach and that people can even make up stories about her death. This should stop at one point and should not even be legal.

The singer mentioned that she might have to stop posting on Instagram even though she enjoys it, but there are people who do not have her best interest in heart. Though Britney Spears is not even surprised by the way people are acting. She reminds people that it is not 2007 and her conservatorship has been over for about a year now.

Britney Spears further adds that it is 2023 and she is having a good time by making homemade lasagna for the first time and getting the fireplace to work in her living room. She states that as her husband Sam Asghari says it best, one should not believe in everything that they read.

Spears' response comes after it was reported by various publications that people closest to her are worried about the singer’s volatile and erratic behavior. That is why an intervention was planned for her as some were even worried that the singer might die. However, the intervention was scrapped as Britney was somewhat aware of the plan. According to TMZ, she decided to meet the doctor and it went well.