End of brutality

BP Special

“Crime does not pay “ and this old maxim has been proved right once again in the case of the end of the brutal murderer Nayan Bond. Nayan Bond was a hated criminal, a drug addict and a drug dealer of Barguna. He had no respect for his own life or that of others. He was a psychopath, which is a personality disorder characterized by aggressive behavior and anti-social thoughts, and a lack of empathy for fellow humans. At a very young age, he was drawn into the world of crime and drug, a lethal combination to totally destroy a person.

This psychopath hacked to death an innocent young man named Rifat in broad daylight in front of his wife on the street of Barguna town a couple of days before. The video footage of the killing frenzy shocked everyone in the country. Immediately after the gruesome murder Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina instructed the home minister to take all possible measures to arrest the murderers and bring them to the court of law.

On the basis of a tip from a source, the police raided a hideout near Barguna town and came under fire from Nayan and his gang. Some of the police personnel received bullet wounds in the exchange of gunfire. In the gunfight Nayan Bond was killed when bullets hit him. His death was only a matter of time. Everyone in Barguna and elsewhere in the country expressed their satisfaction at Nayan's death. They feel he deserved the kind of death fate had planned for him. They considered it as divine justice for the brutality with which he attacked and killed Rifat in front of his wife.

While almost everyone in the country is happy with the death of Nayan, a section of human rights activists taking the opportunity to sing a different tune to the surprise of all. They question why Nayan was not arrested alive and brought to the court for trial. It is quite surprising because the police report clearly says that Nayan and his gang had opened fire on them and in self defence they had to fire back as per procedure. No law enforcer will become a sitting duck and receive bullets thinking of the criticism of the so-called human rights activists. It is mysterious why the HR activists do not read the whole report before commenting. By going against the people’s sentiment, HR activists only try to draw attention towards them but with little success.