Enactment of ‘right’ to food law demanded

Published : 24 Oct 2020 09:04 PM

A discussion meeting was held in Satkhira as part of the month-long Right to Food Campaign demanding enactment of ‘Right to Food Act’ to ensure livelihood, food and nutrition security for all people on Saturday 10am.

The meeting was held at the Satkhira Central Public Library auditorium under the initiative of local organizations including ‘Food Security Network' and ‘Bangladesh and Pragati'.

Mir Mostaq Ahmed Robi, MP from Satkhira Sadar-2 constituency, addr­essed the discussion as the chief guest under the chairmanship of Principal Abdul Hamid.

Speaking as the chief guest, MP Robi said, “Food is a fundamental right. The right to food is almost fully ensured in Bangladesh. We have a population of about eighteen crore people in an area of 1,47,570 square kilometers. In spite of so many people living in this small country, by the infinite mercy of Allah, no one in our country goes without food”.

He added, “The soil of Satkhira is very fertile. If any seed is thrown anywhere, it flourishes very easily. Satkhira is not backward from any direction. We are self-sufficient in rice, fish and meat production”.

Satkhira Central Public Library General Secretary Md. Kamruzzaman Russell, Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer. Badru­zza­man and others were present at the time.

Notably, The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has been observing World Food Day on October 16 every year since 1945 with the aim of building a world free of hunger as well as raising global awareness about the complexities of obesity and malnutrition. 

This year, the theme of World Food Day was fixed as, “Grow, Nourish, Sustain Together”. Our government has fixed the theme this year. 

“Evolve together with everyone, stay healthy as much as you can, our actions are our future.”