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Emilia's first look from ‘Secret Invasion’ revealed

Published : 24 Jan 2022 08:04 PM

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow, one cannot deny the fact that the studio will indulge in some supreme fan service. If you aren’t far away from the news, you must know how crazy fans were to see Emilia Clarke play at least one superhero somewhere. They had imagined in every new superhero announced be it in Marvel or DC. But turned out that MCU gods lay their hands first on the bid and hired the Mother Of Dragons to be their undisclosed Marvel character in ‘Secret Invasion’.

Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen aka Mother Of Dragons (with that long introduction) is all set to make her MCU debut with a Disney+ show ‘Secret Invasion’. Also starring Samuel L Jackson alongside her, the show is already on floors and the teams is busy shaping mad ride with Skrulls attack us and infiltrate our planet. Turns out we have got the first look at Clarke’s character. Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion is playing an undisclosed part. While we know who Samuel L Jackson, Cobbie Smulders and Ben Mendelson are, there is no update on Emilia’s part. But turns out Internet has just witnessed her first look from the series in a few leaked images from sets of the Disney+ show. Read on to know more and do not forget to catch the pictures.

Twitter suddenly started witnessing a wave of Emilia Clarke fans approaching it when her pictures from the sets of Secret Invasion went viral. The pictures have her dressed in an oversized coat, her patent short hair and natural makeup. While she looks very much like a human character in the show, it also involves Skrulls, so you never know. 

Secret Invasion is about Skrulls invading Earth and Samuel L Jackson of course is on duty to stop them. While Ben Mendelson is their leader, Clarke could have a major part to play with them or could turn out to be someone completely else. 

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