Emerging career opportunities in ICT sector

Let the youth avail themselves of this opportunity

Published : 17 Jan 2021 08:02 PM | Updated : 18 Jan 2021 01:29 AM

As reported by this daily on Saturday, the government is looking forward to creating employment opportunities for 5 lakhs youths in Information and Communication sector. Reportedly, training is being given in block-chain, robotics, AI, AR, VR, cloud computing, and 3D technology to create a more skilled workforce.

Due to the shortage of employment opportunities in ICT sector, a large number of engineering and other university graduates leave the country every year, depriving the country of their intellectual potential. However, with the government’s recent ground-breaking initiative in the ICT sector, there will be more opportunities for ICT professionals in the country. 

The ICT sector of our country should be

 allocated more funds and resources consistently 

as it is a promising sector with the potential of taking 

our country’s economy to new heights

The present government has been working relentlessly to build a strong ICT backbone and the sheer efforts on the part of the government and relevant authorities have led to an expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. However, still a lot needs to be done to develop our ICT sector as that of the first world countries.

The ICT sector of our country should be allocated more funds and resources consistently as it is a promising sector with the potential of taking our country’s economy to new heights. The government should continue to provide enhanced training to the unemployed youths in our country in information and communications technology. Grants for research and development in this field are also essential in order to achieve the success which will hopefully be on par with the developed nations.