Emergency dept at Satkhira Medical College demanded

Published : 14 Oct 2020 07:51 PM

The intern doctors of Satkhira Medical College Hospital have held a press conference demanding the full operation of the emergency department at the medical college.

Dr. Kankhita Mandal Trina on behalf of the Intern Medical Council read out a written statement at a press conference held at Satkhira Medical Campus on Wednesday morning.

In the written statement, it was said that earlier movement was staged for fully open the emergency department of Satkhira Medical College Hospital. But even though the movement was stopped on the basis of assurance, it was not completed.

“Until the emergency department of Satkhira Medical College Hospital is opened, we, the intern doctors, will be on work break and will follow a strict program in the future,” said the intern doctors. 

At the time, they sought immediate intervention of Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, the Secretary of Health and the Director General of the Department of Health to take immediate steps to launch the Emergency Department.

Dr. Rafiqul Islam Mehedi, President of Satkhira Medical College's Internal Medical Council, Dr. Nayan Chandra Haldar, General Secretary and other leaders of the organization were present at the press conference.