Emdad serves to educate all people of a union in Jhenidah

Kazi Emdadul Haque alias Kazi Emdad, a villager of Kaliganj in Jhenidah has been serving to educate cent per cent people of his own union Kola within a few years. He has been spending Taka six thousand against the education materials for the poor and illiterate farmers, while he has been earning Taka ten thousand a month serving as a private tutor in the locality. The dedicated man has been recognized in the heart of the locals as Krishak Bandhu.

Emdad, a son of Kazi Abdul Wahed of Daulatpur village in Kaliganj upazila contacted, said he has been serving as a teacher in a local madrasah, while no salary was sanctioned till today. Finding no other alternative, the man started providing private tuition for the local students. He earns approximate Taka 10 thousand.

As the most of the farmers in the area are not literate, he has been providing education for them spending Taka six thousand every month. He manages the family hardly with the remaining four thousand.

During a visit at Emdad’s school in a classroom of Pariat government primary school in the night, it was witnessed that about 20 adult people, mainly farmers were studying there with Kazi Emdad under a light. They were using stone made slate, chalk and duster for writing.

Kazi Emdad said appearing in the degree examination in 1992, he joined a private company at Jamalpur. He left the job and returned home. Abide agriculture work, he started serving in a local madrasah. But he started proving private tuition to local students for survival. Now he receives around Taka 10 thousand and sends about 60 per cent for the educational materials of his adult poor students every month. The man has been managing the four-member family with his wife and two children. 

Following living with a poor amount of money and spending the major for the villagers, the knowledge giver said the farmers are actually the backbone of the country who have been serving for the countrymen without thinking their own interest. Each and every people should think for their betterment as the resources of the government is limited.

To educate all the people of his union, he has been running night school since 2004. He had educated about 600 poor and illiterate villagers of 11 villages. Now he has been conducting cases for the 19th number of education centre at Pariat village. No one of the union will give thumb impression anymore, Kazi Emdad said.

As the farmers suffer a lot during sun in the fields, he had supplied bamboo made caps widely known as mathal among one thousand people. To save them from the poison during spraying insecticides, he had also supplied masks and soap for cleanness. He also arranges free of cost blood grouping for the poor people in every three months. Distribution of warm clothes is also an initiative of the noble man.

A number of learners in the night school when asked said they return in the evening from respective fields and attend the school in the night to learn something from Kazi Emdad. They said most of the illiterate farmers cannot read the books, leaflets and other materials supplied from the agriculture office for lack of basic education. They are now able to read anyhow within a few weeks in the night school. It will help them run acquired knowledge on agriculture and others, they added.

Kola union parishad chairman Ayub Hossain when contacted said the people of the union is proud of Kazi Emdad. His activities proved that huge money and property is not mandatory for doing any good job for the people.

Upazila agriculture officer (UAO) in Kaliganj Jahidul Karim in his comment about Kazi Emdad, said as the recognition of the noble man, the department of agriculture extension (DAE) had set up an agriculture library at him home. Some books and an almirah were supplied for the same purpose, UAO said.