Election mood returns to port city

Mayoral and councilor candidates in the Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) elections have become busy in electioneering as the election campaign for the CCC polls officially began on Friday. 

The elections will be held January 27. Previously, the election was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. A total of 237 candidates, including seven mayoral candidates, are contesting in the CCC elections.The  CCC has 41 wards and 14 posts for reserved female councilors. 

Both the Awami League and BNP mayoral candidates along with their workers and supporters and Ward Councilor candidates are now passing busy time with campaigning. Against this backdrop, the election campaign in the port city turned into festive mood.

Awami League-nominated mayoral candidate Md Rezaul Karim Chowdhury started his election campaign by visiting the graves of his parents at his family's graveyard at Bahaddarhat in Chattogram. Meanwhile, BNP-nominateed mayoral candidate Dr Shahadat Hossain started his election campaign by visiting Amanat Shah’s shrine on the first day.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury and Dr Shahadat Hossain began their second day campaign on Saturday (January 9) through views-exchange meeting.

Rezaul Karim Chowdhury addressed the meeting by Sonali Mechanical Fisheries Cooperative Society at New Fishery Ghat area in the morning. 

In the meeting, said that the government is working on a comprehensive programme for the development of fisheries. “Fighting in the International Court of Justice under the strong leadership of Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina, we have conquered vast territorial water near India and Myanmar. There is a huge potential in this sea, fish is one of them. Bangladesh is one of the best Hilsa producing countries in the world due to the loyalty of mechanical fish traders to the government's work plan. Those who are working in the deep sea fishing with millions of taka worth of mechanical boats and crews are playing a very brave role for the country by taking risks. Fishermen of Chittagong are one of them,” he said. 

The Awami League mayoral candidate also said that the traders were facing some problems in fish procurement, conservation and marketing loans. “I would like to be by the side of the fish traders by taking new initiatives for the expansion of fisheries industry by electing the mayor with the prayers and verdicts of all. I want everyone's prayers and votes for the boat symbol,” he added. 

Patharghata ward Awami League councilor candidate Pulak Khastgir, convener of Mahanagar Awami League Aminul Haque Babul Sarkar and local leaders were present on the occasion.

Meanwhile, BNP mayoral candidate Dr Shahadat Hossain distributed masks and held a views-exchange meeting as part of the election campaign. He distributed masks in front of the BNP party office at Nasimon Bhaban.

North Halishahar 26 No. ward Councilor candidate Abul Hashem exchanged views with him. Dr Shahadat also campaigned for the symbol of the sheaf of paddy. 

Dr Shahadat Hossain said, “I am getting huge support from the people. People will choose me if there is a fair election.”