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Coronavirus Pandemic

Elderly people at greater risk of infection

Published : 01 Jun 2020 10:15 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 09:37 PM

Elderly people with various old age complications are at high risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) experts said.
Analyzing data, it was found that the highest number of deaths in the age group of 60 years, which is 37.08 percent. The most affected and dead people in the world's top affected countries were people in their sixties.

Such finding raised a special concern about the death rate of older people in Bangladesh.
When asked why the number of deaths is increasing in Bangladesh, a member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on coronavirus, Professor Nazrul Islam said, “The mortality rate is not higher than the total infected ratio. The number is increasing. More people are dying in the age group of fifty and sixty.”

“They are more vulnerable because most of them have corona as well as other diseases. With proper treatment, the number of deaths could be reduced. They often may need intensive care unit (ICU) support and adequate oxygen,” he also said.
“Infections are on the rise. It looks like it will spread further. If the treatment is not assured then the number of deaths will increase,” he added.

Speaking about the old age complications and its connection to coronavirus infection, Professor Z M Kabir Chowdhury said, “The main reason could be most of the people above sixty suffered from numerous previous diseases. The people who are dying are suffering from other diseases as well. There is diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, cancer, nerve damage, shortness of breath etc.”

However, he pointed out that without the statistics available in Bangladesh, it is not possible to get an idea right now. Because people of all ages are being infected here. But worldwide, mostly above 65-year-olds are being infected. “However, in the case of Bangladesh, the problem is that we have a small population at this age.”

Another medicine specialist, Dr Aminul Islam of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) said, “Because the virus weakens the respiratory system and infects multi-organs, it is very difficult for people with other diseases to recover.”

He continued, “Because, it has been seen that even 10 percent of those who have taken ventilators have not returned. So, we have to keep sufficient stock of oxygen cylinders as much as possible. It is better not to take patients in ICU or ventilator.”
He further said that comprehensive medical care needs to be introduced soon. Otherwise, the number of deaths would continue to rise. All types of Covid-19 patients should get treatment in the same hospital.”

Bangladesh on Monday reported another surge in coronavirus cases as 2,381 new patients tested positive in the span of 24 hours, taking the total number of such cases to 49,534. During the period, 22 more people died from the fast spreading COVID-19 disease, taking the death tally to 672.