Eid music fiesta

Whether it is EId or any other festive occasion, it is impossible for TV channels and various music production houses to not arrange an array of musical shows or latest releases to entertain the people. This EId too, even though the world is riddled with the epidemic, special arrangement for music has been made for the people to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with family and friends. Arranged by A Mizan and Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi.

ATN Bangla

Everyday from Eid day at 10:30 pm there is a special music programme which has been arranged for the audience. One the first day, Dilshad Nahar Kakoli's solo concert ‘Tomar Premer Brishtite’ is to be aired. 

The second day, Mahfuzur Rahman's solo concert ‘Ek Prithibi Shopno Dile’ is scheduled. On the third day, Artiste Nilima's solo concert ‘Je Kotha Hoyni Bola’ presented by Bhabna Ahmed is going to be aired. 

On the fourth day, Artiste Maria Shimura's solo concert ‘Haat Baralei Bondhu Hou’ Presentation: Shanta Jahan is scheduled. On the fifth day, Artiste Samia Jahan's solo concert ‘Hariey Jeyo Na’ Presentation: Semanti Soumi is to be aired. And on the sixth day, Iqbal Bin Anwar Dawn's solo concert ‘You are only mine’ Presentation: Kaniz is going to be aired.


On the day of Eid-ul-Adha a special solo music show of Samina Chowdhury ‘Ferari Pakhi’ presented by Ejaz Khan Swapan will be aired at 5:40 pm. 


From the day before Eid to until celebrations end a special music show has been arranged every night at 9:30. On the day before Eid the ‘Music and Rhythm’ has been arranged which will be aired live. On Eid day, Jhilik and Protik Hasan will present songs of Shahnaz Rahmatullah on the show ‘Kingbadantir Gaan’. 

The second day will show, Shubir Nandi’s songs presented by Yusuf Hossain and Nodi. On the third day, Rajib and Priyanka will present songs of legendary singer Andrew Kishor. On the fourth day, Muhin and Haimanti will present songs of Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul. On the fifth day, Sabbir and Nandita will present songs by Lucky Akhand.