Eid drama ‘Miraj Tui Morishne Kya’

The special drama ‘Miraj Tui Morishne Kya’ will be aired on the 5th day of Eid at 5:30 pm on Banglavision. The drama has been written by BrindaBan Das and directed by Dipu Hazra.

Chanchal Chowdhury, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Shahnaz Khushi, Nabila Islam, Masud Rana Mithu, Ashraf Robi, Sujit Biswas, Mili Munshi and others have acted in different roles in the drama.

The story shows Miraj and Siraj as two brothers. Big brother Miraj is suffering from chronic cough disease. Doctor-Kabiraj did everything but the cough did not improve. 

The sound of coughing kept everyone up till night. Neighbors and even villagers are aware of the matter. Everyone thinks it is tuberculosis. On the other hand, younger brother Siraj is still unmarried and loves a girl from the same village. 

But the girl loves Siraj but does not want to get married because her idea is that this tuberculosis is hereditary of Siraj. So after marriage he may also be attacked. And thus Miraj falls in a dilemma. This is how the story of the play ‘Miraj Tui Morishne Kya’ goes on.