eGeneration implements “Dhowni” for ICT Division

Published : 28 Feb 2021 09:05 PM

eGeneration has successfully implemented “Dhowni” for ICT Division. Dhowni enables the conversion of Bangla to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) using cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

The IPA or International Phonetic Alphabet is an international phonetic transliteration system or international phonetic system, the purpose of which is to standardize the representation of all sounds in all languages of the world in one script. 

The software will help in the transliteration by enabling conversion from Bangla to IPA. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister of ICT Division inaugurated Dhowni in a virtual event on Saturday.

Establishing Bangla as the official language of the United Nations requires a variety of technology resources, including real-time automatic speech-to-speech machine translation. AI, Machine Learning and NLP team of eGeneration has been diligently building their capabilities with these technologies which has enabled them to develop different technology resources like speech to speech, text to speech, speech to text, etc. for the Bangla Language in the past few years.

Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister of ICT Division said, “Our purpose is to establish Bangla as a leading language on the global platform, in particular, the digitalization of Bangla language. Also, Dhowni will help all the native speakers of Bangla, including ethnic groups and people with speechsight-hearing disabilities.”

Shameem Ahsan, Managing Director, eGeneration said, “We earnestly thank ICT Division for having the confidence in eGeneration’s capability to implement this project using cutting-edge technology like machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.”