Education has no age limit

67-yr old Rushia reads in class four at a Harinakundhu school

Published : 15 Nov 2019 08:55 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 04:52 PM

Actually, age is not any factor when someone desires to do something good. A 67-year old woman had proved the truth attending and participating in the class in a government primary school at Harinakundu of Jhenidah.

Rushia Khatun, daughter of Tahajuddin of Bittipara Bhagabannagar area of Kushtia Sadar upazila, said that she got married with Abul Hossain Malita of Harinakundu upazila headquarters at the age of 15. She could not complete education due to social barrier during her childhood. 

Further, the facilities of education institutions were not available in the locality. A class four regular student Rushia along with her two granddaughters reads at Shishukoli Bidyaniketon Government Primary School. Her husband Abul Hossain Malita, a service holder, always encourages Rushia to go ahead. She is hopeful to achieve higher degree gradually to prove her skill and mental forces. 

Rushia will prove that there is no age limit to education or any other good initiatives when the Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina has been doing anything and everything for the education of the women community to make them good citizens.

10 year old Jannataul Ferdous bagged first position while Rushia obtained second from class three last year. She was first in the previous year, she said.

Describing some limitation like education, the woman with agitation said she could not read or write any letter, even read the holy Quran. She wants to know the life of the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S) and follow his guidelines when she could read the holy book herself. No one should die without acquiring knowledge, she believed. Two of her classmates Jannatul Ferdous and Rimi Rahan said their grandma loves them very much and they also.

Shishukoli Bidyaniketon government primary school headmaster Abdul Maajid said the woman sits at the first bench in the class and a woman with very sincerity and regularity in all respect. Each child in the school shows respect to Rushia and addresses her as Daadi (grandma). She always tries to compete with her classmates with confidence.

The teacher said she behaves like other regular students and pay salute to the class teachers. She also addresses the teachers as “Sir” like others. Rushia has a good relation with every student in the school. The teachers and management committee members of the school are hopeful about the eagerness of the woman and her future results.

Upazila primary education officer (UPEO) Abdur Rahman when contacted for his comments about the “special” learner said Rushia prepares her home work and comply the questions by any teacher. They feel proud to provide lesson to an aged woman who has a strong mental force for higher education ignoring all odds in the society.

Upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) Syeda Nafis Sultana when contacted said she had talked to Rushia Khatun in the school and was charmed to witness her thirst for education. She (UNO) encouraged Rushia to continue the education to gather knowledge without looking back.