Education and health advances

Positive performance for development

Bangladesh’s achievements in the sectors of education and health have been exemplary. The recent development statistics show that there has been a great decrease in child mortality rate which is very much commendable. Moreover, the long term relationship with UNICEF has been a great support for the development of the country’s education and health scene. On top of that, the massive investment which the government has taken nationally for the expansion of education and healthcare has started showing results.

Recently, there have been reports which say that the government in partnership with UNICEF has been working to ensure education for all, gender uniformity, reducing the drop-out rate and other such developmental actions for the marginalized children. This is undoubtedly a great leap towards ensuring a self sufficient country with a capable population.

Given the scene of Bangladesh, 

development in healthcare is not 

only an option rather it is an area which is 

highly emphatic and imperative

On the other hand, another great advancement according to reports is healthcare sector. Recently the demand of health informatics has been recognised by the government and there is need of the discipline in government, NGOs and developmental organizations. Given the scene of Bangladesh, development in healthcare is not only an option rather it is an area which is highly emphatic and imperative. And recent reports from UNICEF present such a prospect where children’s education and healthcare is going to develop much further.

The authorities concerned related to these sectors should comprehend and take note of the healthcare and education sectors and work on policy measures which can bring about more development for attainting the SDG goals for a better, developed and digital Bangladesh.