Educated youth remain unemployed

Lack of employment opportunity

Recently, at a programme titled ‘National Dialogue on the Future Work’, speakers emphasized skill mismatch among the educated youth as the main reason for high rate of unemployment in the country. Experts opine that the official unemployment rate does not reflect the true magnitude of the problem, especially taking into consideration the level of education.

The problem of unemployed youth is one of the most pressing matters in our country. Bangladesh is rich in human resource, i.e., a majority of our population consists of young people under 30. It is a shame for us that despite consistent efforts on part of the present government, we are not able to help provide employment or opportunities for these youths.

Not only is their potential and their talent wasted, moreover, these youths get so frustrated with lack of opportunities that they get involved in criminal activities. Many talented and gifted students are unable to pursue higher studies or receive skill enhancement due to poverty and other socio-economic factors. The unemployment of our youth is undoubtedly detrimental for society and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Experts have been stumped with these results as Bangladesh is slowly transitioning into a middle income country. Logically, the demand for skilled labor should be on the rise. However, the unemployment rates among the youth seem to indicate otherwise. One of the reasons is the lack of institutions which offer training on marketable skills. Many also lack access to skills and training due to socio-economic factors.

The youth of our country are the most under-utilized resource that we have at our disposal. With proper training and guidelines, the youths of Bangladesh will become invaluable in the development of the country. Integrating the young people of our country into the workforce will be a huge boost for our economy.

Alongside providing education and technical skills, the government should also fund programs specifically for digital skills such as coding and app development. The government’s vision of a digital Bangladesh will only be realized with the contribution of our talented youngsters.