Educated people increasing

Lack of public libraries a hindrance for development

The country’s education is getting better. The recent massive pass rate of the HSC examination is proof of that. From here, many of the students will be getting admitted into public and private universities to continue their higher studies. But, recent reports published in this daily point to the fact that there is a lack of adequate study on libraries and sitting arrangements in the country. The most prominent of the libraries where thousands visit each day is the Dhaka University central library. Recently a startling fact has surfaced which says that 24 students have to queue up for one single seat at the public library every day. The situation outside of the capital is not better either.  

The private university students get an advantage in this situation as renowned private universities in the country have their own well stocked libraries which they keep on developing more and more as the standard of higher education is getting better and better each day. Under such conditions the students of public universities often fail to gather their study materials needed from the libraries. This calls for an overall survey in the country. 

An overall survey of the libraries

 in the country and the students who

 frequent there should be conducted

It is a fact that the current age of internet is a privilege which the students are able to utilise to the fullest for their studies. Still, there are numerous subjects and topics which are unavailable on the internet or even if those are available the Bangladeshi context is seldom mentioned in them. To understand the Bangladeshi context of certain topics students and scholars have to visit local libraries housing books of Bangladeshi scholars. At such a time, if the sitting capacity of the libraries is not increased then it will be an impediment for development of the nation and its citizens.

The authorities concerned should take heed of the situation and present apt solutions to this problem. One step which can be taken in this case is the establishing of newer and well stocked libraries around the country. Such an initiative will undoubtedly be a commendable one which will be appreciated by students around the nation.