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Edn Ministry halts honours courses at National University’s main campus

Published : 26 May 2024 09:31 PM

The Ministry of Education has issued a directive to cease all activities pertaining to the initiation of graduation programmes at the main campus of the National University, situated in Gazipur. 

The Ministry's Joint Secretary Parvez Hasan released an official circular in this regard on Thursday, May 23.

This decision follows repeated directives from the University Grants Commission (UGC) urging the cessation of undergraduate courses at the main campus of National University. 

The UGC emphasised that all associated activities, including admissions, must remain suspended until further notice, aligning with the directive from the President on this matter.

The National University had released a notification last year inviting student applications for admission to its main campus in various Bachelor (Honours) programmes for the academic year 2022–23. The programmes mentioned in the notification encompass LLB, BBA, Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Nutrition and Food Science. Despite the UGC's repeated directives to halt student admissions at the main campus, the National University proceeded with its admissions process.

The UGC contended that admitting students to undergraduate programmes at the university's main campus violated the National Universities Act of 1992. 

However, the National University authorities rebutted the UGC's assertions, claiming that the provisions cited in the UGC's letter were partial and fragmented. They maintained that the decision to admit students to graduation programmes at the main campus was legally sound.

Subsequently, a series of correspondences ensued between the UGC and the National University, each reiterating its stance. In the latest statement, the Ministry of Education intervened, directing the cessation of all activities related to honours course admissions at the main campus of the National University. Despite this directive, the National University authorities remained steadfast in their position.

Teachers and students express concern about the clash between the Ministry of Education, the UGC, and the National University. 

They underline the regulatory challenges persist in higher education administration. 

While the Ministry seeks adherence to overarching directives, the University asserts its autonomy and interpretation of relevant statutes. The resolution of this dispute remains uncertain, leaving prospective students and stakeholders in a state of flux.