Edn materials distributed among children in Savar

Published : 06 Feb 2021 09:31 PM | Updated : 07 Feb 2021 05:44 PM

A student’s organisation of Savar Cantonment Public School and College, namely ‘We are SCPSCian’, distributed educational materials like Pen, Exercise book, Bag, and food among 50 children, who belong to low-income family, at the bank of Bangshi River next to Dhaka-Aricha highway in Savar, on the outskirts of the capital, on Saturday.

“Savar municipality polls has been ended recently, and people usually dumps those polling posters into dustbin or destroy it, but both are harmful for environment, so we are trying to maximum use of those object to save environment, as well as handed those as educational materials among those children, who belong to low-income family to meet their minimum need”, Prince Gosh, a member, and a volunteer of the student’s organizations told The Bangladesh Post.

He further said, they distributed food and some educational materials like Bag, Exercise book, which were made by unused polling posters, among 50 students of a school of street children, namely ‘Jabif Pathshala’ operated Jagrata Bibek Foundation, a nonprofit organizations, and they took the initiative following the occasion of 44th  anniversary of Savar Cantonment Public School and College of Savar.

Monimukta, President of Jagrata Bibek Foundation, a nonprofit organization said, they are also happy with such kind of initiative as it could save the environment, and would be helpful for the street children to meet their need of educational materials as well.

Ratul Ghosh, Hasibul Hasan Emu, Shamsul Huda along other volunteers of ‘We Are SCPSCian’ were present at the time.