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Edn instts crying for students

Guardians demand tuition fee waiver

Published : 14 Jan 2021 09:20 PM | Updated : 15 Jan 2021 02:43 AM

A large number of educational institutions are facing serious student admission crisis due to long holidays caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

Every year primary and secondary schools usually start student admission procedures from first week of January. This year, the scenario is different. Many guardians are not interested in enrolling their children in new classes. 

Talking to the authorities of different educational institutions, it was observed that many guardians did not pay last year’s monthly tuition fees keeping them pending. An admission into new class would require guardians to clear the due amount on top of paying for the regular admission fees which many of the guardians expressed would be extra burden on them.

Besides, the guardians seem to be not showing any interest in admitting their children in schools due to uncertainty about opening of the school. 

Moreover, most of the students studying in private universities have also not contacted their respective universities due to the semester fee. 

On the other hand, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has prepared three more month assignments for the students. 

This assignment has to be done by the secondary students according to 2021 academic year syllabus. 

At the same time, Sangsad TV and online classes will be re-introduced in the new academic year for the students to continue their studies. 

According to school authorities, if students are not admitted in the new class, the name will not appear in the new register. Students, who do not have a connection with the school will be in trouble, will not take part in assignments. As a result, they will fall behind.

Saiful Islam Mamun, senior teacher of Agraoni Model School and College told Bangladesh Post, “When we inform the guardians of a student about the admission, the guardian tells us that they are in financial hardship.”

“Some guardians do not have any job. Some lost their business.  Thus, it is not possible to pay the arrears of tuition fees and new admission fees,” he said, “adding, “As a result, they are not admitting their children in new class.”

Nurul Islam, a guardian said, “The guardians demand for tuition fee waiver during the pandemic goes unheeded by the school authorities and the Education Ministry. Due to this, the students are not able to get admission in the school.”

If educational institution gives at least 50 percent waiver of tuition fees for last nine months, parents would be interested in sending their child to school,” he added. 

Nazrul Islam Rony, president of the Bangladesh Teachers Association said, “Parents could not pay tuition fees for nine months due to Corona. It will also require money for admission in the new class. That is why the guardians are not coming to school to admit their children.”

“Some parents are demanding waiver of last year’s entire tuition fees. But considering the issue of teachers’ salaries and allowances, it is not possible. This is the image of the whole country except a few well-known institutions,” he added.