Economy is back on track

Bold steps bring smile to people's face

Published : 13 Oct 2021 09:17 PM | Updated : 14 Oct 2021 03:47 PM

After tackling the immediate Covid-19 threat, the government’s bold action has brought the country’s economy back on track. People from various professions returned to their respective workplaces while schoolchildren and university students are back in class physically.

As all factories, industries, mills, offices, hotels, motels, restaurants, tourist spots, shopping malls and all other business activities are running now in full swing, country sees strong economic growth. The export of goods during the first quarter had also made a strong turnaround witnessing a healthy growth of 11.37 percent thanks to the highest ever single month export earnings of over $4.16 billion last month. Besides, country’s both the bourses, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) continued to show a positive trend after fallout of Covid-19 pandemic.

Mills and factories are 

gearing up their operations 

with a fresh zeal

Apart from these, country’s economy is also expected to be rebounded in this month as Durga Puja fervour sets in, the ‘Pujo-shopping’ spree has returned in full swing everywhere in the country. The operations of world-wide mills and factories faced difficulty during the pandemic, but their operations have almost come to a normalcy leading to increased demand among the buyers. 

Shrugging off the impacts of the pandemic, all major exportable items like knitwear, woven garments, home textile, specialised textiles, leather and leather products, plastic products, chemical products, manufactured commodities and primary commodities fared better during this timeframe. We think it is a positive sign for the exporters and also for the country that the export operations are bouncing back.

It should be noted that although the industries and factories across the globe faced a setback due to the pandemic over the last one and a half year, but the mills and factories are gearing up their operations with a fresh zeal following mass vaccination campaign by the developed world. Besides, various stimulus packages being provided by the government to the affected industries and businesses have resulted in a turnaround of the export-oriented sector.

And the country’s export oriented sectors are now witnessing huge demand of goods among the buyers as their stores now lack goods which are being imported from countries like Bangladesh.

The coronavirus pandemic had hit hard low-income people, especially informal workers in the hospitality, retail trade, and transport sectors who have limited or no access to healthcare or social safety nets. Apart from the government, country’s all major economies will have to work with all the stakeholders in a coordinated and integrated way to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Therefore, we believe our country has got back to its pre pandemic situation overcoming the losses while dynamism has been infused in economic activities in full-scale.