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EC to give spl smart cards to freedom fighters

Published : 17 Dec 2021 09:52 PM | Updated : 18 Dec 2021 03:14 PM

The Election Commission (EC) will give special smart cards (high quality NID) to the heroic freedom fighters.

The EC has taken this initiative to honour them keeping in view the golden jubilee of independence.

Therefore, some changes may be made in the design of the smart card.

According to EC officials, the smart card will have the words 'Bir Muktijoddha' and the logo of Muktijoddha.

In this case, the heroic freedom fighter will be written just below the smart card.

And the logo will be on the top. However, this design of the smart card has not been finalized yet.

The matter could be finalized at a commission meeting on Saturday (today).

In this regard, Nuruzzaman Talukder, the Director of National Identity Card (NID) Registration Division (Operations), said, we are trying to give a little respect to the best children of the nation.

"They contribute so much, that's all we can do. Since various NID centric services are being provided, the purpose is that they can confirm their identity by showing the smart card," he mentioned.

There will be a meeting on Saturday, he said, adding that the word "heroic freedom fighter" will be finalized on the smart card.

"For this, a list of freedom fighters will be taken from the concerned ministry. Activities will be completed on the basis of that list," he further said.

However, the final procedure will be fixed later, he mentioned.

"Since the number of freedom fighters is huge. Therefore, they may be called upon to respond with public notice. Later their application will be verified from the list of the ministry, Talukder added.

AKM Humayun Kabir, Director General of NID Division, said, "We want to add two words 'Bir Muktijoddha' to their smart cards. In this case, not before or after the name, this writing will be in a certain place, that is under the smart card. There will be a separate place for freedom fighters on our server."

There will be information of all freedom fighters, he said adding that, we will move towards implementation of the issue very soon.

He said, "The information of the smart card written Bir Muktijoddha will be available only to our server. Other service providers can't see that. It will not be included in the smart card. If anyone wants to verify, you can verify."

The EC's NID server contains information of about 11.17 crore citizens. Almost all of them have laminated national identity cards. In addition, there are six and a half crore smart cards.

In 2007, the EC undertook the task of preparing the voter list with photographs in the country.

Later NID was given on its basis. Then in 2011 the Election Commission took up the smart card project with the help of the World Bank.

No separate smartcard has been designed for any particular group before.

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