EC’s dialogue with political parties

Join the dialogue

Published : 03 Nov 2023 09:45 PM
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The Election Commission (EC) today (Saturday) is going to sit with all the registered political parties to inform about the preparations for the upcoming 12th general elections.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal urged the political parties to join the dialogue over the upcoming general elections.

Earlier, the commission held a series of dialogues with the registered political parties. Except few political parties including Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) did not attend the dialogue. 

So, all political parties should respond to the EC’s call and join the dialogues in order to suggest the commission about the preparation of the national polls. Bangladesh is constitutionally a multi-party democratic republic so the election is the key for continuation of the country’s democracy. 

Political parties 

should discharge

 their patriotic duty

 in tackling poll-time

It is very important and necessary for the EC, an independent constitutional body that operates the legal functions of election laws in the country and the poll-time government to create a level playing field so that all the political parties, especially the major parties can participate in the elections without any fear and uncertainty. But, the constitutional body cannot compel any political party to contest the national polls. 

All political parties should discharge their patriotic duty in tackling poll-time violence in this regard. It seems that they (BNP leaders) actually do not know what they really want regarding the poll-time government. The politics of BNP is no longer in the field as now they are visiting foreign embassies at night and doing parties.

They did the same thing in 2014 and 2018 also but there was no benefit. We think BNP-Jamaat clique should keep in mind that no more caretaker government will be formed in Bangladesh since the country’s apex court declared the system illegal.

Therefore, country’s national elections will be held under the incumbent EC with the ruling party in the state power. Elections are held under ruling party all over the world through which democracy is established. The EC will also play a strong role in fulfilling its duties as a constitutional institution. The government has already strengthened the country’s electoral system that will ensure to hold a fair, free and impartial election.

All the people of the country want to see the 12th national election a competitive one. All political parties should provide full cooperation to EC and join the talks.