Easy license renewal process demanded

Published : 27 Nov 2023 09:54 PM

Professional motor drivers of Chuadanga formed a human chain at Shaheed Hasan Chattor in the Town on Saturday demanding easy license renewal process to get their licences from BRTA.  

Leaders of motor Shromik Union M. Jenarel Islam, Ripon Mondal, Mamun- Or Rashid Mamun, Sirazul Islam and Miltu Joarder addressed the rally. 

Speakers at the rally said drivers of the areas have submitted applications to BRTA office for renewal of their licences but do not match their date of birth according to their NID cards’ mentioned date of birth. So they do not get licences (smart cards) from BRTA Office. 

All speakers urged the authorities concerned for issuing licenses (smart cards) following easy process.

They also said, if they get the licences, they will bear expenses of their family members smoothly.