Early harvest of short duration Aman paddy begins in Rangpur

Published : 03 Oct 2022 09:35 PM

Early harvest of short duration Aman rice has  already begun creating jobs for farm-labourers and helping them in tackling  the 'seasonal lean period' of 'Aswin' and 'Kartik' months in Rangpur  agriculture region. 

Like in the previous years, short duration Aman rice harvest is now helping  small and marginal farmers and farm-laborers in tackling the 'seasonal lean  period' that has already disappeared from the region 13 years back.

Officials of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) said expanded  cultivation of short duration Aman rice was launched in 2009 aiming at  creating jobs for farm-laborers through early harvest of the crop during the  seasonal lean period.

"Early harvest of short duration Aman rice creates jobs for farm-laborers  during the 'seasonal lean periods' since 2010 relieving them from poverty,"  said Agriculturist Mohammad Shah Alam, Additional Director of the DAE, Rangpur region. 

Earlier, a poverty-like situation was being created for lack of agricultural activities during the months of 'Aswin' and 'Kartik' causing untold miseries  to the poor and farm-labourers even 14 years ago.

The DAE has fixed a target of producing 18,07,916 tonnes of clean Aman rice  (27,11,874 tonnes of paddy) from 6,15,685 hectares of land for all five  districts of the region this season.

Farmers have cultivated Aman rice on 6,15,981 hectares of land exceeding the  fixed farming target by 296 hectares of land. 

"Of them, farmers have cultivated short duration varieties of Aman rice on  over 62,000 hectares of land across the region this season," he said.

Meanwhile, farmers have already harvested short duration Aman rice on 3,000  hectares of land till Sunday and got an average yield rate of 2.48 tonnes of  clean Aman rice (3.72 tonnes of paddy) per hectare of land.

Beginning from October, harvesting of short duration Aman rice will continue  till the end of November next. 

"After harvesting short duration Aman rice, farmers will cultivate early  varieties of potato, mustard, winter vegetables and other crops on the same  land to increase crop intensity and earn more profits," Alam added.

Independence Award 2018 Medal (food security) winner Agriculturist Dr. Md.  Abdul Mazid said early harvest of short duration Aman rice followed by  cultivation of early varieties of winter crops on the same land creates huge  jobs during the lean period. 

"Assuming power in 2009, the Awami League government led by Prime Minister  Sheikh Hasina put stress on expanding short duration Aman rice farming and  rapidly eliminated the seasonal joblessness situation of 'monga' by 2010 from  Rangpur region," he said.

 Farmers Lutfar Rahman, Narayan Chandra, Rabindranath Roy, Mofizar Rahman and  Fazlul Haque of Taraganj upazila here said they have already harvested short  duration Aman rice and got excellent output.

They are happy getting excellent market prices of newly harvested Aman paddy  between Taka 1,000 and Taka 1,100 per mound (every 40 kilograms). 

In addition to meeting food needs of farmers with the newly harvested rice,  raw paddy straws are also providing cattle fodder. Raw paddy straw is in  great demand as cattle fodder.

"Farmers are selling raw paddy straws produced from one bigha (33 decimals)  of land at Taka 5,000 and Taka 6,000 now," said farmer Ariful Haque Batul of  village Najirdigar in Rangpur Sadar upazila.