E-governance eases public life

A step towards Digital Bangladesh

Published : 12 Dec 2021 08:25 PM | Updated : 16 Dec 2021 10:15 PM

The incumbent government’s commendable initiatives throughout the years has made revolutionary changes in every aspect of life. Digitalisation and e-governance have made life a whole lot easier. The concept of Digital Bangladesh aims to transform the country into a digitally developed nation through ICT integration in support of good governance, law enforcement, employment and growth.

Success in advancing the country' s e-government development has largely derived from strengthening the online connectivity of the public sector, online service delivery and investments in the digital literacy of public sector employees. 

Bangladesh has also invested in developing e-literacy and ICT skills among public sector employees and providing continuous learning opportunities through government-created open- learning-platform training in digital and professional skills. Now, companies and various different industries should think of alternative strategies of running the business and change the conventional mindset. Collaboration is needed between research institutes and universities and this should be done to further propel us towards innovation and reap all the benefits of modern technological miracles. Hence, our country’s working population will be more productive.

The government has been  working 

relentlessly to build  a strong ICT

 backbone and this has led to expansion 

of information and communication

 technology to rural areas

The government has been working relentlessly to build  a strong ICT backbone and this has led to expansion of information and communication technology to rural areas. This is a significant step to achieve government’s quest of becoming a developed country by 2041. In rural areas government has created more technical and vocational education and training as well as higher education in the areas of various emerging fields of technology.

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New job fields in the ICT sector will not only create employment but will also help the country to cope with this rapidly changing world of technology. It will also boost necessary skills through different advanced technical education, hands on training, and finally through practical experiences in different dynamic technical and professional skills in ICT.

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