E-commerce sees 70pc growth during Covid-19

The country's e-commerce sector has grown by an average of 70 percent in last one year. However, the growth rate in daily product marketing was 300 percent. And through this the annual transaction has been Tk 16,000 crore. 

In the same way, digital transactions in e-commerce have increased by 10 percent. Moreover, 15 percent of the total transactions are made on digital platform.

The e-commerce association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), an organization of e-commerce traders, is going to sign an agreement with two insurance companies soon to consolidate this sector.

This information was unveiled at the press conference with the slogan “It is safe to stay at home, e-commerce is the future” chaired by e-Cab President Shomi Kaiser held virtually on Thursday. 

Shomi Kaiser said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has advised the public to shop online to prevent Covid-19 infection. As we know, during the lockdown last year, the government took a quick decision and directed to keep the daily commodities active through e-commerce in compliance with the health regulations.” 

“Following this, a circular has been issued this year to keep products and services safe online. In the current situation, the deadline for e-commerce delivery has already been extended from 6 pm to 12 midnight through an application from e-Cab,” Shomi Kaiser added.

General Secretary of e-Cab Mohammad Abdul Waheed Tamal said, “This year e-Cab has developed an action plan focusing on four key issues. Topics include rural e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, social media commerce and e-commerce, and grievance management.”

“E-Cab will take necessary steps to address various issues in the light of the situation, including the implementation of the government's digital commerce policy,” he further said. 

Mohammad Abdul Haque Anu, Finance Secretary of e-Cab, presented various aspects of e-commerce and e-Cab activities at the press conference conducted by E-Cab Director Asif Ahnaf.

The finance secretary said, “In the last eight months of 2020, transactions of Tk 3,000 crore have been made in daily commodities alone. At present, more than 160,000 deliveries are being made every day. While e-commerce has grown usually 25 percent in previous years, its growth was 60 percent to 70 percent last year, there has also been a 300% growth in the sector, especially in the commodities and food business.”