Durgapur farmers hopeful of bumper Boro yield

Published : 25 Apr 2021 09:53 PM

Despite hot, dry weather without any rainfall, the growth of Boro paddy in the fields of Durgapur upazila is satisfactory and the farmers are hopeful of getting a bumper paddy production if the weather condition remains favourable for the next one week. 

Farmer Nurul Islam of Durgapur Municipal area informed,' The season was excellent. There is a satisfactory production of Boro paddy. I hope to harvest a bumper crop and to eat rice. There will be no want of rice at home.'

Nurul cultivated paddy on shared 20-decimal of land. The paddy is nearing ripened. Within a week, he hopes to harvest those to his granary. He thanked Allah for such a bumper production of paddy. He thinks he would harvest at least 12 maunds of paddy from the field and after paying four maunds to the owner of the land, he would get eight maunds of his own. 

Agriculture Extension Department of Durgapur upazila informed, the target of cultivation of Boro paddy on 5,100 hectares of land was fixed this season in the upazila but due to unplanned excavation of ponds and water-logging Boro was cultivated on 3,825 hectares of land only. 

Farmers of the upazila cultivate Boro paddy after harvesting the potato and onion. That is why it takes a little late to ripen the paddy. Now, Boro was getting ripened in all areas of the upazila. Farmers of the upazila used to cultivate HYV BRRI-24 paddy the most. There was some damage to the paddy due to heat-stroke during the first week of April but the overall field condition is still very good. 

A huge Boro paddy was seen to produce in various fields of Naopara, Pananagar, Gonokour, Maria, Joynagar, Jhaluka union villages. Paddy of most of the fields are getting ripened. 

Rahidul of Naopara, Sukumar of Joynagar, Fazel Mollah of Hat Kanpara and Rais Uddin of Palibazar informed, there was regular supply of electricity and water this year. There was no shortage of fertiliser as well. As a result, there was a smooth growth of paddy throughout the season and now they are expecting a bumper production of paddy from their fields. 

Mashiur Rahman, Upazila Agriculture Officer informed, so far the weather condition is fine and there were no natural calamities. There was no shortage of water supply for irrigation and no shortage of fertiliser. As a result, farmers are expecting a bumper Boro paddy production this year.