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DUMUN to host 11th Model UN confec on May 30

Published : 18 May 2024 09:39 PM

Dhaka University Model United Nations (DUMUN) is going to host four day long Model UN conference (MUN) premised on the theme "Sustainability Beyond Conflict: Forging Equitable Peace Through Unified Actions."

In a Press briefing at Dhaka University Sangbadik Samiti on May 18, Nahiyan Islam Neil, President of (DUMUN) and Hossain Azmal Pranta, General Secretary of (DUMUN) have cleared it. In this event, With the expected presence of more than 600 young diplomats and high-profile guests from across the country and abroad, Dhaka University National Model United Nations 2024 is set to commence on 30 May 2024.

Dhaka University National Model United Nations (DUNMUN) is the signature event organized by Dhaka University Model United Nations Association (DUMUNA) since 2012 and it's the very first university-based Model UN conference in the country.

As for DUNMUN, serving as a forum for policy discussion among the youth for more than a decade, it attracts and assembles hundreds of enthusiastic youths to take part in the intellectual endeavors of MUN every year. Hence, to satisfy the enthusiasm, DUNMUN 2024 will feature 11th  committees each functioning according to its mandate and focusing on uniquely designed agenda aligned with the theme. 

For the first time in Bangladesh, 7 committees will have a double agenda and DUNMUN 2024 is set to feature double delegation in BRICS Plus Summit. Beyond DUNMUN's academic excellence and reputation, it functions as a facilitator of cultural exchange through DUNMUN Global Village. To ensure equitable and fair supervision, this year DUNMUN 2024 will work on the implementation of its equity policy.

With such a reputation to preserve, the leaders of the secretariat body of DUNMUN 2024 consisted of Secretary-General S M Nahiyan Islam Neil, Deputy Secretary General, Hossain Azmal Pranta, Director General Md. Asifuzzaman Arpan who is currently serving respectively as the President, General Secretary and Vice President of DUMUNA shared their vision. Along with them the International Secretary Nawshin Fatmi and the Press Secretary Aadreeta Arif were also present at the press conference held on 18 May. The secretary general and the president of DUMUNA said, "DUNMUN has set the premises to talk about equitable peace, and we look forward to welcoming the youth in this discussion. Conflicts imperil development, but in DUNMUN 2024, we urge the youth to look beyond conflicts for sustainable development."