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DUCSU’s role questioned

No initiative on fresh election, committee's term ends on March 22

Published : 11 Mar 2020 10:08 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 06:27 PM

DUCSU, considered as ‘second parliament’ of the country, completes one year of its tenure on Wednesday without having any major achievements. Many of the students expressed utter disappointment on the Dhaka University Central Student Union (DUCSU) body saying that DUCSU has so far failed to serve the purposes and so majorities of the students have rejected the roles played by their leaders.

Although a small number of DUSCU leaders executed some positive works as they had promised but major problems of the students, such as accommodation crisis, improving the quality of food in canteens, pursue cancelling the affiliation of seven colleges, discouraging guestroom culture, transport problem and others are yet to solved. 

Instead, DUCSU leaders were engaged in conflict and criticizing others. The DUCSU’s pledges to solve common students’ problems remains unresolved.

DUCSU elections were held on March 11 last year. Elected student representatives assumed office on March 23. So, the tenure of incumbent body will end on March 22. The DUCSU constitution says the union shall hold office for 365 days. As per rules, the central committee is automatically dissolved 90 days after its tenure.

There are doubts as to whether the next elections will take place at all. The president of the union, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Akhtaruzzaman says there is no initiative to prepare for the next election yet.

Students say that before the elections, the parties and candidates promised to solve the university's basic problems: accommodation crisis, abolishing the ganaroom-guest room culture, closing evening commercial courses, increasing allocation in the research sector, student transportation problems, improving the quality of food in canteens, cancelling the affiliation of seven colleges, and many more.

Those concerned pointed out that the clashes between the 23 representatives elected body from the BCL panel and the two representatives of the Chhatra Odhikar Parishad were the biggest obstacle to the DUCSU acting as one body. 

After the elections there were some signs of cooperation, but with time the distance between leaders of the Chhatra League and the Chhatra Odhikar Parishad only increased. VP Nurul Haque Nur blamed the BCL for non-cooperation. He said: "If any initiative is taken, it is foiled."

Echoing the Nur, GS Rabbani said: “The benefits the students have got, they did not get for the last 28 years before the DUCSU elections." Assistant general secretary (AGS), Saddam Hussein, also claimed that DUCSU was a success.

Students blamed there have been more programmes related only to seminars and meetings. The cost of organizing these events were very high. The candidates also announced during the election that they’ll abolish the "Ganaroom" and guestroom culture. The dorm rooms have been named "Bandhuroom", and the guestroom has been named "conference room.”

DUCSU spent total 87 lakh 17 thousand taka in last ten months. Of these, 3 lakh 66 thousand-taka spent to bear the DUCSU office maintenance cost. Rest of money used in organizing different programmes and meetings. The students also complained that VP Nur and GS Rabbani live outside the university campus. As a result, it is not possible for the students to meet when needed.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university is hoever, satisfied with the activities of the DUCSU. VC Professor Akhtaruzzaman said: "The DUCSU is organising a lot of programmes and has huge student involvement. It feels great. The way they are moving forward in such a short time is very promising."