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DUBSU demands punishment of Buddhist monk killers

Published : 30 Aug 2019 04:16 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 06:26 PM

Dhaka University Buddhist Students’ Union (DUBSU) formed a human chain on Thursday demanding immediate arrest and punishment of the killers of Buddhist monk Amritananda.

The human chain formed in front of Raju Memorial Sculpture of TSC inside Dhaka University campus under the banner of DUBSU.

On August 25, police found the body of Buddhist monk AmritanandaVikkhu alias Shuddho Bikash Chakma, vice-principal of Gayanratna Buddhist Bihar (Temple) of Feni.

The Buddhist Monk was returning to Feni from Dhaka by train.

While addressing, Selu Barua, general secretary of Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace claimed that the intellectuals of the county were frequently telling that Myanmar forced only Muslim for years to leave Rakhaine state, but not Buddhist.

“Buddhists also forced to leave Myanmar since three hundred years ago.” He added.

He informed that Humanity is practicing across the world following the main theme of Buddhism.

Buddha Nanda Moha Thero, vice-president of Buddhist Aid Foundation said: “Attack on Buddhist is a matter of great sorrow as Bangladesh is a secular country. We want the perfect solution of the repeated attacks on Buddhist in this non-communal country.”

He urged the government to take all necessary arrangements for keeping Buddhists safe.

Nirmal Rozario, President of Bangladesh Christian Association also said “Buddhist monks have dedicated their lives for mankind. The incident of killing Amritananda is intentional to keep the whole community as well as the country people under the fear. The terrorist groups are trying to embrace the government and push the country into instability as well.”

He also demanded the safety of Muslim Maulana, Christian Padre, Buddhist Monk and Hindu Priest. Sukumar Barua, former Chairman of Pali and Buddhist department of Dhaka University said “Our religious establishments should be safe.”

“Keeping faith in law and order of the country, I urge the government to  bring the culprits under justice,” he added. Among others, Rana Barua, president and Saikat Barua, general secretary of DUBSU respectively, monks and Buddhist students were also present.