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DU students demand temporary library complex immediately

Published : 29 Aug 2019 02:00 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:55 AM

A section of Dhaka University students on Wednesday formed a human chain demanding a temporary library complex till the construction of new modern, digitalised and enriched library complex capable for meeting the needs of 43,000 students.

Hundred of students from different department took part at the human chain in front of the library complex after not getting sit at university library. 

The students placed their four-point demands including set up a new digital and enriched library complex, turns a building into temporary library complex, create emergency exist way at library, take action to prevent outcomers. 

Tawhid Hasan, a student of political science department, said, "We often failed to get a single sit as the out comers of different college and former students rushed at the library, "

"Though Dhaka University authority constructed many complexs but it failed to solve sit crisis, It's a crying need but they don't pay any heed to solve the problem, we have to come before 6am to grab a single sit but sometimes we missed, we urged university authorities to fulfil our demand immediately, " said Saiful Islam, a fourth year student of Farsi language and literature department. 

Moreover, they seek DUCSU and BCL support to realise their four point demands.