DU students blame Prothom Alo' laxity behind Naimul's death

Published : 03 Nov 2019 07:44 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:08 AM

Dhaka University students blamed the negligence of Prothom Alo for the untimely death of Naimul Abrar, a ninth grader student of Dhaka Residential Model College, who died of being electrocuted while participating in a cultural programme organised by Prothom Alo’s ancillary Kisor Alo.

Former residential students who studying at Dhaka University came up with the demand of immediate Justice for Naimul death while they were talking in a human chain in front of Raju Memorial sculpture at Dhaka University on Sunday.

"Prothom Alo management did not take him in hospital in time. leaving the renowned Suhrawardy Hospital which is just opposite to the road, but they took him to One universal hospital hospital in Mohakhali delaying the three hours, it is clear the negligence of Prothom alo claimed the Naimul's death,  we demand immediate Justice for Naimul's death," Speakers said while talking in human chain.

DUCSU cultural affairs secretary Asif Talukder said, "i from DUCSU expressed solidarity with this demand, we are protesting against mismanagement rather any institution,"

Another students said, " they even didn’t stop the concert, even after knowing that a student has died, It's a kill, Prothom Alo and Kisor Alo have to bear the responsibility for his death, "

Notably, Naimul Abrar, a student of  Dhaka residential model college, was died of Being electrocuted while attending at concert organised by Kisor Alo, an ancillary of Daily Prothom Alo.