DSCC opens different dev projects

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon on Saturday inaugurated different development projects, including a park, a community centre, several roads, footpaths and pipe-drains costing Tk 17 crore.
As part of DSCC’s infrastructural development, the DSCC Mayor inaugurated Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon Park, newly-renovated Sutrapur Community centre, drainage system in Distillery Road and renovation works of footpaths at the capital’s Dayaganj, Banianagar, Dholaikhal and Sutrapur Thana areas.
During the inaugural function, he said, “Long-awaited demands of the local people have been fulfilled with the inauguration of these projects. Different other development projects, which are on progress, soon will be opened.”
Local lawmaker Kazi Firoz Rashid and DSCC Chief Executive Officer Shah Imdadul Haque, among others, were present at the function.
Aimed at reducing water logging problem, the DSCC completed 9,791 sq metres of road carpeting, 2,744 sq metres CC roads, 995 metre km of pipe-drain at a cost of Tk 5 crore. It also competed 29,000 sq metres of road carpeting, 3,627 sq metres footpaths, 1,150 metres of road median and 363 metres of pipe-drain at a cost of Tk 7 crore.
Besides, DSCC renovated the Sutrapur community centre at a cost of more Tk 3 crore while the Sayeed Khokon park was created at a cost of 1 crore.