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DSA is for all, not for any particular profession

Info Minister Hasan Mahmud says at seminar

Published : 30 Nov 2021 10:36 PM | Updated : 01 Dec 2021 06:26 PM

“Digital security laws are for the digital security of all the people of the country, not for any particular profession and such laws have been enacted in almost all parts of the world,” said Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hassan Mahmud.

The minister made the remarks while addressing a seminar on ‘Fact and Impact of Digital Security Act’ organised by the non-governmental organization Diplomats at the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel in the capital on Tuesday afternoon.

State Minister for Information and Communication Technology Zunaid Ahmed Palak presided over the seminar while Attorney General Abu Md Amin Uddin and Awami League Deputy Publicity Secretary Aminul Islam Amin spoke at the seminar as special guests. 

Barrister SM Shafiullah Rahman, Barrister Ali Asif Khan Rajib and Professor Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Kajal took part in the main discussion.

The information minister said that while digitalisation is a reality today, almost every country in the world has made or is making such laws. This law was not needed in our country when there was no digital issue. 

“Today, if a housewife's character is defamed or falsely degraded through social media or online, how will she get redress according to a law? If it happens to a farmer, a student, a writer, an intellectual, a journalist, an employee, a businessman or a politician, then there is a need for legislation to remedy it and in view of that need, Digital Security Act has been enacted in Bangladesh as well as in many countries of the world.

Noting about the ‘Information Technology Act-2000’ in India, the ‘Prevention of Crime Act-2016’ in Pakistan the minister said that similar laws have been enacted in Singapore and Australia as well. “Under a framework law, EU member states have enacted such laws, meaning they are being enacted in almost every part of the world”, Hasan added.

State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak in his speech said, “Under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her IT advisor Sajeeb Wazed, our country has become a digital Bangladesh. Even in the midst of this Corona epidemic, per capita income in Bangladesh has surpassed that of India. 

These have been possible since the country has gone digital. Digital Bangladesh will go further only if we can ensure digital security of all people in the country.”