Dry fish farmers facing huge loss in Sarankhola

Published : 21 Nov 2023 08:59 PM

Some two hundreds dry fish preserve houses and hundreds of shops with their belongings have been totally damaged due to cyclone Midhili. The estimate cost of the loss is about three crore.  

Fishermen and traders are in great agony as the big loss incurred at the beginning of the season.  Businessman Mojaffar has lost two trawlers.   

Sarankhola Range Office informed that every year, 10 to 11 thousand fishermen and hired hands gather in the area to catch fish and make dried fish in Shalar Char, Narikelbaria, Majherkella and Alorkol of Sharankhola range of the East zone of Sundarbans till March, next year.

Dry fishes of worth about Taka two crore were rotten after the cyclone hit four chars including Dublar Char . 

Bad ofour of rotten fish is prevailing in the area, affecting the environment and health of the fishermen and others living on the char. So, fishermen have nothing to do and threw these rotten dry fishes into the sea.  Dublar Char experienced intermittent rainfall due to the depression in the Bay of Bengal for cyclone ‘Midhili’.

Frustration gripped the fishermen at Dublar Char as fish worth  crores of taka were damaged due to the rain.

According to the people living in the char areas, it is difficult for the fishermen to stay in the strong bad smell.