Drug-peddler gang ‘Raju Bahini’ chief held

Published : 06 Jul 2020 10:12 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 10:10 AM

Listed notorious drug peddler gang of Narayanganj, ‘Raju Bahini' chief Raju, who is also accused in over two dozen narcotics and murder cases, was captured by Fatulla police on Sunday night.

Fatulla Police Station Sub-Inspector Amzad Hossain said that Raju Prodhan son of Riaz Prodhan resident of Deobhog Banglabazar Prodhan Bari had 16 criminal cases filed against him in the crime database. He was arrested in three warrants issued by the court. 

Local sources claimed that Raju ran narcotic business and other crimes like kidnapping, extortion and robbery by a gang comprising of 42-45 members in the locality for the last 15 years. This criminal gang is headed by three members Raju, Shaju and Afzal who have other 40 associates from different areas.

An uncle of Raju told the Daily Bangladesh Post that if this criminal gang is not eliminated from the society the whole Deobhog Banglabazar  residents would have to live in a chaotic condition.

After Raju was captured by police, 22-25 associates of him headed by Afzal being drunk threatened Raju’s uncle to release Raju from police custody at once otherwise he would have to pay the cost.

Later this gang went into an expatriate’s house and threatened his wife considering that Raju was arrested in a theft case that was committed on Friday evening at that house. The criminal gang thought Raju was either arrested in a theft case or his uncle helped the police to capture Raju. 

So Raju’s associates threaten one after another locals who frequently raise voice against drug trading in this locality.  

Fatulla police sources claimed that Raju, Shaju, son of Riaz Prodhan and Afzal son of Ebadul are heinous criminals. They not only trade narcotics but also commit other crimes and they move with sharp weapons at night in the locality.