Drug dealing goes on unabated in pandemic

Law enforcers should take note

Drug traffickers seem to have chosen the coronavirus epidemic as a blessing in disguise. Despite the stagnation in the daily activities of the people during the difficult times, drug trafficking and trade is still going on unabated. 

For this purpose they have adapted to various tactics. It is a fact that the anti-drug enforcement has been slowed down due to the extra role played by the law enforcement agencies in protecting public health during the coronavirus period.

However, a report published in this daily shows that considering the recurrences of narcotics trading, the home ministry has instructed all operational units of police and BGB to launch drives against drug traders and masterminds behind drug trade. 

In that regard already a drug dealer had been apprehended and another 35,980 pieces of Yaba tablets were recovered last Thursday. This shows that even in this horrific scenario where death toll rises daily by dozens, the law enforcers are trying their utmost to keep the amount of drug flow under control. 

If the government wants to grab on 

to the collar of the drug business, it 

has to catch the main culprits first

Despite the arrest of hundreds of drug dealers every month by the law enforcement agencies, the business is still going on and is going to continue unabated unless the gurus of behind the routes and distribution are caught. 

If the government wants to grab on to the collar of the drug business, it has to catch the main culprits first. Then they have to get their hands on administrative and political backers of these masterminds to root out the problem. 

More than 500 drug traffickers have been killed in gun battles since the anti-drug that campaign began two years ago. However, despite the massive loss of life and thousands of arrests, the drug trade continues just like before without any signs of their activities receding. 

To prevent this, the intelligence network has to be spread across the country to catch the main culprits of the drug trade. At the local level, it is important to bring those involved in the business under the law. If there are corrupt officials among law enforcers, it is also important to stop them and bring them to account for their crimes.