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Drug dealer held with Yaba

Published : 09 Sep 2020 08:09 PM

A special operation was conducted by Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) Teknaf in the area of Khurer Ghat, Sabrang Marine Drive during wee hours of Wednesday.

During the operation, a suspicious motorbike was signalled to stop, the motorbike ignored the signal and tried to run away. When the Coast Guard members also chased, the motorcyclists left a sack and fled. The sack was later searched and 56,000 pieces of yaba were seized.

Meanwhile, in another operation, a man tried to flee when he was signalled to stop by the BCG near Galakata Ghat under Anwar police station on Tuesday. Coast Guard members later ran and apprehended the man. 23 pieces of yaba and yaba consumption equipment were seized from a pack of cigarettes in the pocket of the detainee.

The detainee was identified as Mohammad Shahabuddin, 28, son of late Abul Kalam of Anwara Police Station, Ward 2, South East. The seized yaba and yaba trader were later handed over to Teknaf and Anwara police stations for legal action.