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Drones to inspect mega projects

Published : 11 Mar 2023 02:41 AM | Updated : 11 Mar 2023 02:48 PM

The government wants to use drones for inspections of mega projects to ensure security and verify the timely implementation.

The Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Department (IMED) of the Ministry of Planning has recently issued this instruction.

At present the number of ongoing and completed mega projects in the country is eight. 

The IMED will use drones to verify the timely implementation and completion of ongoing projects. 

A mega project also should be inspected thrice a year, an IMED official said, adding that this directive will be effective from March this year.

According to IMED, the number of Fast Track (MEGA) projects is eight. These are - Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project, Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (Metrorail), Padma Multipurpose Bridge Rail Link Project, Construction of Single Line Dual Gauge Track to Cox's Bazar via Dohazari Ramu and Ramu-Myanmar to Ghumdhum, Rampal Coal Based Power Plant Construction Project, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Establishment Project, Matarbari 1200 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal Fired Power Project and Payra Deep Sea Port Construction Project.

According to IMED, as per the current Annual Performance Agreement (APA), each fast track project inspection is to be completed in the third quarter. 

Monitoring reports will also be sent to the task force for monitoring fast track projects along with the ERD. 

Updated activities should be taken in this regard by continuing to communicate with the task force. 

Many ongoing projects have not been inspected as per norms. Two visits must be made in the remaining six months to achieve the target. 

More can be visited, if necessary, even drones should be used to inspect mega projects.

According to IMED, use of drones, use of vehicles and lab tests were discussed during the project inspection. 

Later it was decided to use drones and conduct lab tests for proper monitoring of the project. There is provision for lab tests, IMED insists that it needs to be used properly. 

It is said to continue the process of organizing regular training for the improvement of skills and standards of officers or employees of IMED.

According to IMED instructions, a sector-wise roster should be created for the use of drones and vehicles for project inspection. 

All sectors should be given more importance as there is a need for inspection of materials through lab tests for project requirements.

IMED secretary Abul Kashem Md Mohiuddin said that drones should be used in mega projects. 

“If necessary, it will be used in other projects as well. For example, visiting the Padma Bridge with the open eye is often not possible. But it is possible to visit everywhere using drones. Some projects cannot be seen physically. Drones will play a great role in this,” he mentioned. 

Mega projects are playing a great role in the development of the country, he said, adding, “The sooner these projects are implemented, the better for the country. So we decided to visit a mega project three times a year. If necessary, I will also visit the site.”

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