Drive on to rescue kidnapped kid

Published : 10 Mar 2022 09:01 PM

A three-year-old child on Wednesday was stolen before a super shop in broad daylight in Savar, confirmed Atiqur Rahman Rasel, SI, Savar model police station.

The child is named Jamela, 03, from Rajbari district and lives in a 

rented house, in Talbag area with her mother, Shila Begum.

Shila Begum said an unidentified woman lapped her daughter, luring her by providing chocolate, and ran away when the child went out of the house around 12 pm on Wednesday. 

After being confirmed that her child had been stolen by CCTV footage, she later filed a case with Savar model police station on that day.

Rasel, the SI, said they collected CCTV footage from the super shop and found the verity of the allegation, as well as drives ongoing to rescue the child.