Dredging of Karotoa River begins

Published : 30 Mar 2024 08:46 PM
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The re-excavation works of 17 kilometres areas of Karotoa River from Madla point of Shajahanpur Upazila to Naodapara point of Bogura Sadar Upazila have been started after a long time.

The re-excavation works of Tk 36cr are being conducted under the “ Bogura Deputy Commissioner’s Office and the surrounding area’s re-excavation works and making of the slope protection on the right bank’ the Project is being implemented by the Bangladesh Water Development Board.

After the re-excavation of the area of the river, important riverside establishments including the DC office will be saved from river erosion and the river will regain its free flow of water. The right side of the river bank will also be beautified with the construction of a walkway surrounded by flora and fauna. It is learnt, the 123-kilometre-long Karotoa River flowing beside the Bogura region has fallen at the Bangalee river near Chandaikona of Sherpur  district.

During the flood in 1988, the normal flow of river Karotoa was changed by the construction of barrage and the sluice gate at the Khulsichandpur area under the Govindaganj of Gaibandha district.

 More than 2,500 years ago, the Pundru Civilization flourished centering the river Karotoa. Many large commercial boats used to carry goods and passengers through the river from one place to another. But, the river has now turned dry and weary. The river has lost its normal flow of water, the river banks are not visible as hundreds of houses and infrastructures have been built there. Despite repeated efforts from the District Administration to re-excavate the river bed and to remove illegal river-grabbers, the river has not yet resumed its normal flow of water. Pollution and illegal occupation have turned the river water tar-black and unfit for use even for irrigation. In some places of the river bed, crops and plants are being cultivated. Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association (BELA) had filed a Writ Petition demanding to save the river from illegal grabbers and environmental pollution. The Court issued a rule against the defendants to learn why an order should not be issued to resume the water flow of the river in earlier situations and why the garbage should not be thrown into the river.

Humayun Kabir, Sub-divisional Engineer of WDB, Bogura informed, with the excavation of 17 kilometre of river beds, 730 metres of river bank protection works, beautification and walkway construction from SP Bridge to the DC Office will save many government establishments including the Office of the DC, District Jail and Mohila College from the grip of erosion.   Dr. Mostafa Alam Nannu, Member of Parliament of Bogura-7 (Sahajahanpur) constituency and Ragebul Ahsan Ripu, Member of Parliament of Bogura Sadar Constituency jointly inaugurated the re-excavation works of Karotoa River separately from Shahjanpur area and Bogura DC office area respectively. Saiful Islam, Deputy Commissioner of Bogura presided over the inaugural function of the re-excavation works on Friday morning. Abu Sufian Shafiq, Upazila Chairman of Bogura Sadar informed, after the re-excavation of the river Karotoa, people of the region will be able to procure fish from the natural source.

Dr. SM Millat Hossain, General Secretary of Bangabandhu Parishad Dhaka informed the re-excavation will save the river from the illegal grabbers and pollution.

Ziaur Rahman, General Secretary of BAPA, Bogura district said, if the river is re-excavated according to the Project, the water flow of the river will resume, mainly during the rainy season. Saiful Islam, Deputy Commissioner of Bogura informed, ‘Various projects including the re-excavation of Karotoa river are being implemented as a part of building a ‘Smart Bogura’. 

Executive Engineer of WDB, Bogura informed, it was not possible to resume navigability of the entire river by re-excavating only 17 kilometres of river. He hoped the Main Project of re-excavating the entire Karotoa River would soon be approved. Sudip Kumar Chakravarty, SP ( Promoted to Additional DIG) of Bogura said no modern management can stand by destroying nature. 

It is our duty to all to save the environment. Karotoa should be saved. It is a great day that the work of re-excavation of the river Karotoa has been started. 

If the river is saved, Bogura will be saved, the environment of Bogura will be saved.

Ragebul Ahsan Ripu, MP of Bogura Sadar informed, it was welcome news for the people of Bogura that the works of re-excavation of the river have been started.