Dramatic rise in US-Bangladesh trade

Government’s steps deserve plaudits

Published : 23 Sep 2023 07:43 PM

The US-Bangladesh bilateral trade has increased dramatically over the last decade as it reached $14 billion. Bangladesh’s joint ties with the United States are vast and have historic origins. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman highlighted the enormous significance of bilateral relationship with the US when he visited the nation in October 1974 and met President Gerald Ford. Our country continues to follow Bangabandhu's foreign strategy belief of "friendship to all, malice to none"; and thus, continues accommodating and wide-ranging economic relationships with nations in the neighbourhood and beyond.

In the last decade, the expansion of bilateral trade has taken place dramatically. However, trade between the two countries is confined to a limited number of products. There are opportunities to expand trade through reforming some financial policies and increasing US investment as well as increasing newer products.

There are still enormous opportunities for businessmen of the two countries to work together and increase trade in healthcare, IT, education, energy, and trade infrastructures.

Making better awareness and

 bringing together all the 

shareholders to reinforce

 Bangladesh-US bilateral

 relations under a common

 stage is imperative

The trade and investment relationship between Bangladesh and the US is robust at the moment and expectantly the political relations would not influence on economic relations of the two countries as both countries are vital to each other. 

To protect the welfare of our nation, we should implement a policy of not connecting economic issues with political ones. We also need to expand our exporting products portfolio away from 

single items.

There are grounds to be confident about the gradually growing Bangladesh-US relations, which are likely to attain new heights. There are so many areas to be explored, and Bangladesh is eager to gain its full potential. 

We want to work together to further fortify our continuing relationship, address mutual tests, and build on the development and prosperity we have made on so many facades. Making better awareness and bringing together all the shareholders to reinforce Bangladesh-US bilateral relations under a common stage is imperative.