Dramas on the 5th day of Eid

Eid dramas are a part and parcel for entertainment schedules set by various channels. Even though coronavirus outbreak has had its share of causing misery there are still a number of dramas and series arranged by the TV channels for the entertainment of the people at this time. Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi and A Mizan writes about the programmes that have been arranged.
ATN Bangla
At 9 am there is there the third episode of special drama ‘Alal Dulal’ written by Kamrul Ahsan and directed by Mir Sabbir.
Later on at 7:40pm there is the special drama of ‘Lockdown Chor’ to be aired written and directed by Anjan Aich starring AKM Hasan, Nabila Islam and others. At 8:20 pm is the drama ‘Shoddo Bibahito’ by Imraul Rafat.
At 9:20pm is the series drama ‘Noshu Villain Ashol Villain’ written by Brindaban Das and directed by Sagor Jahan is to be aired.
At 6:35pm there is the special minimum advertisement drama ‘Wish’ directed by Raihan Khan. At 7:45pm there is the drama ‘Shoshur Shsaheber Agomon’ directed Mabrur Rashid Bannah.
At 8:40 there is the special series drama ‘Dhora Talukder’ by Adi basi Mizan. At 9:05 there is the special drama ‘Premika’ by Marjul Rakib. At 10:55 there is series drama ‘Tarzan Visa’ by Shams Karim.
At 6:10 pm there is the special series drama ‘Rupali Josna’ written and directed by Tauquir Ahmed. At 7:40 pm the drama ‘Bhalobashar Top Floor’ is scheduled written by Shahriar Tashjid and directed by Khairul Papon. At 9:L35 pm the drama ‘Bedonar Lockdown’ is to be aired tonight written and directed by Preeti Dutta.
Nagorik TV
At 9 pm the special drama series ‘To-let Partner’ episode 5 is scheduled to be aired. At 9:30 the 5th episode of the seven episode series drama ‘Ami Baba Hote Chai’ is to be aired. At 11:25pm the seven episode series drama ‘K_Company’ is going to be aired.